New Business Watches Your Livestock While on Vacation

MASSACHUSETTS--Farmers in Massachusetts may get some vacation time after this niche business was created.

Tyler Dalton is a livestock sitter and his business called "roosts to ranches" takes care of every type of creature from chickens to emus... 
Dalton says his clients have farm either sprawling in size or just in their backyards.

He wrangles, feeds, and grooms the animals giving their owners from free time.

"Holidays are hectic, said Dalton.  "Holidays are my busiest times because everyone's on vacation.  Or they're away for the day and they need someone to feed their animals so they don't have to worry about it.  And so that's where I step in."

Dalton says he broke into the business after his startup took off. He bought some business cards and started advertising.     

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