New Branson Amusement Park in Progress

BRANSON, Mo. - Six years after a tornado ravaged the Branson Heights Shopping Center - the site off of Highway 76 will soon be the home of a brand new amusement park.

KOLR10 visited the site this week and spoke with those working behind the scenes to bring the park to life, just in time for Branson's main tourist season.

The amusement park is called America's Fun Park - and KOLR10 was able to witness one of the park's main attractions being built.

"And we've got people already that are planning trips to Branson, just to ride Windstorm."

While heading down Highway 76, just past Roark Valley Road this week, green beams are going up and the track is being laid in place for the much-anticipated Windstorm rollercoaster - as the vacant lot once called the Branson Heights Shopping Center is about to become America's Fun Park. 

Buchanan materials began the construction back in December of 2017. The park will include two major roller coasters, a 50-foot carousel and a 90-foot dark ride, plus food, drinks and entertainment. Rick Billington is marketing director for the project.

"But the basic idea is we're going to take the State Fair Midway, and set it down on the strip in Branson," Billington said.

 "it's all about seeing the kids smiling faces.You know, it's just..i can't explain how rewarding it is that we provide fun." Joe Cadmus, America's Fun Park partner, said. 

Billington says America's Fun Park will have a soft open to the public on May 19 - with a grand opening on Memorial Day weekend.

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