Netflix Roulette

Published 05/02 2014 08:23PM

Updated 05/06 2014 12:53PM

Information overload at its most popular, Netflix has become the poster child for both binge-watching and indecisiveness. Sure, there are literally thousands of choices, and that’s great; but the problem for many people is that same selection. Enter Netflix Roulette, a third party app that makes a random selection for you. No longer must you waste time flipping through content in frustration. Spin the wheel and let the odds decide.

Big Picture

With data and information becoming an extension of ourselves, we’re seeing people becoming frozen with overload from the multitude of sources we’re exposed to on a daily basis. There have been many reactions to this—the anti-tech movement, the unplugging movement, the resurgence of analog and outdoorsmanship; but these are all-or-nothing solutions. We’re just coming into answers that don’t involve severing ties to our gadgets completely.

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