Netflix is Testing a Privacy Mode That Hides What You Watch

Published 07/25 2014 04:42PM

Updated 07/27 2014 07:58PM

Netflix is currently testing a "Privacy Mode," which means that viewed titles won't appear in the Recently Viewed section and also won't factor into future recommendations. Various users across the company's more than 50 million users are getting beta test style invitations to the feature to test user interest and viability.

Why it Matters: Netflix users with multiple family members rejoice, your five-year-old’s selection of cartoons is no longer going to skew your recommendations into animated oblivion. One of the biggest complaints a lot of people have around “suggestion services” is that they just aren’t that smart yet; however, they’re getting there. Netflix is known to make some pretty off the wall choices based on what you watch (especially if it’s something you’re ashamed of watching) but as the artificial intelligence (AI) behind suggestions improves, we’re gaining more trust in the suggestions, and becoming less curious at the same time.

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