Musings From Cardinals Games 3 and 4

(St. Louis, Mo.) -- Wow, what a couple of days at Busch Stadium.

Not only did this happen:

But the Cardinals also clawed their way out of elimination yet again, forcing a decisive Game 5 at Philly on Friday night at 7:30 p.m.

I'd like to call out the Cardinals media relations people. I have a copy of the NLDS roster, and the squirrel is not on there, yet came in for defense on Tuesday, and pinch hit for Skip Shumaker on Wednesday.

I'm still wondering why Ryan Howard didn't make the trip to St. Louis.

Charlie Manuel said after Game 4, being from the south, he wanted to shoot the squirrel. PETA will likely be looking for a press pass to Game 5.

Three-quarters of reporters at post-game press conferences (including this reporter) are scared to death of Tony LaRussa.

I wonder how many reporters had to look up how to spell squirrel during the NLDS. Probably more than any other NLDS, but I could be wrong. That and Rzypcenksi...Rzepchinski...whatever.

Bob Brenly was at the games as well. His mustache managed the Diamondbacks to a World Series win in 2001. Kirk Gibson does not have a mustache anymore. You do the math.

On a serious note, Matt Holliday looks good. Has a couple of hits pinch hitting Tuesday and starting on Wednesday. He's had shots (I'm not sure if it's cortisone or not), to numb that damaged finger. I wonder how much power's he got though without being able to really grip the bat.

I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express on Tuesday night after Game 3. I knew everything by Wednesday, but felt like I threw 9 innings after sleeping on what must have been a mattress made out of a chunk of I-44.

Sometimes reporters/media make too much of these things, but David Freese's situation is very cool. Hometown kid, went to Cardinals games growing up, hits big homer in crucial post season game at home.

I knew the team was loose about an hour before the game when Jon Jay was imitating pitchers around the league while pitching to Allen Craig in front of the dugout with Daniel Descalso doing the catching. For like, 30 minutes.

Jose Oquendo also worked on his knuckle ball with Yadier Molina, which could come in handy for absolutely nothing.

I hung out with The News-Leader's Kary Booher lots this week. Knows his stuff. So he'll be on OSS on Saturday at 10:30 p.m. on KOZL talking TLR, Cardinals and Pujols.

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