MSU Students Head Back to Class with a New Fee to Pay

By Lex Smith |

Published 08/17 2014 10:48PM

Updated 08/17 2014 10:50PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- It's time to hit the books.

Monday thousands of Missouri State University students have their first day of classes.

And there's a new charge on their tuition bills for this year.

The BEAR Fee tacks on 50 bucks for every student, each semester.

Of all the college activities at MSU, new freshman Sara Jones is most excited for football.

"Even non-athletes love going to those games and things like that because it's exciting," she said.

Jones and other students are paying for the renovation of the student section of the football stadium with a new fee.

Last year students voted in the BEAR Fee, which goes toward improving athletic facilities like this new football student section.

"I voted for it because I thought it'd be a good opportunity to bring more students to the campus and I think it will help rejuvenate the football program," MSU Senior Jamie Alexander said.

As a freshman, Jones didn't get a vote last year and still has to pay the fee, but she doesn't mind.

"They're playing with Missouri State on their uniform and any time that your university is being represented you have to support that and I think by doing that you are," she said.

This second generation MSU Bear sees campus improvements as an investment in her own future as well as the university's.

"Down the road when I maybe take my kids to one of the games or come back and my parents visit I can say you know what this is part of us, I was here and I helped pay for this," she said.

The university plans to have this construction wrapped before the first big game.

The BEAR Fee also helped build the new lacrosse field, which has already been completed.

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