Squash and Black Bean Soft Shell Tacos

Published 10/03 2013 07:06AM

Updated 10/03 2013 07:08AM

Squash and Black Bean Soft Shell Tacos

Prep: 15 minutes, Cook: 30-35 minutes, Serves 6

· 2 tbsp olive oil
· 1 tbsp siracha sauce
· 1 tbsp lime juice
· 3 c. ½-inch cubes butternut squash
· 1 large red bell pepper, seeded and cut into strips
· 12 (6-inch) flour tortillas
· 2 (15 ounce each) cans Hy-Vee black beans, rinsed and drained
· 2/3 c.fresh salsa
· 3 tbsp hot pepper peach spread, optional
· 3/4 c. crumbled queso fresco cheese
· Chopped fresh cilantro, to garnish

All you do
1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
2. In a 9-by-13-inch baking dish, combine olive oil, sriracha and lime juice. Add squash cubes and pepper strips; toss to coat. Roast 30 to 35 minutes or until tender and lightly browned, stirring after 15 minutes.
3. In a medium skillet over medium heat, toast tortillas for 30 to 60 seconds per side or just until light brown spots appear. Fold in half and cool on platter.
4. In a medium microwave-safe bowl, heat beans and salsa, covered, in the microwave on HIGH for 2 minutes. Heat hot pepper peach spread, if desired, in a small microwave-proof bowl on HIGH for about 15 seconds or until melted.
5. To assemble, spoon 1/4 cup black bean mixture, 1/4 cup squash mixture and 1 tablespoon cheese into each tortilla. Drizzle with melted peach spread, if desired. Garnish with cilantro.

Daily nutritional values:
170% vitamin A
25% calcium
70% vitamin C
20% iron

Nutrition information per serving:
Calories: 390
Protein: 13g
Carbohydrate: 59g
Saturated Fat: 4.5g
Cholesterol: 10mg
Sodium: 1280mg
Dietary Fiber: 12g
Sugar: 5g Fat: 12g
Trans fats: 0g

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