Pay it Forward Friday - Lloyd's Cleaners

By Brett Martin |

Published 05/02 2014 07:55AM

Updated 05/02 2014 07:59AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- It's Friday and we are paying it forward again!  KOLR10's Brett Martin went to Lloyds Cleaners in Springfield to pick up the bill for several lucky customers.

We are here at Lloyds Cleaners with Christy Snowden.  This is how it usually would work. A customer would come in the door, she would pull up your name over here on this computer and then she would tell you how much you owe. We came in today to pay it forward by picking up the cost.

How expensive can dry cleaning get if you do this three, four, five times a week? "It can probably run up to anywhere between 10 to 100 dollars," Snowden says.

"We are going to pay for your clothes today."  "Hey, that's great," says one lucky customer.

"Have you heard of Pay it Forward before?"   "Pay it forward, I don't know."  "It's a technique where I help you out and encourage you to go  out and help someone else out."

"What have you heard about it?" "I've heard it with regards to drive-thru restaurants and stuff where you pay for the person behind you or something like that," says customer Ed Wilkinson.  "Conveniently, you came through their drive-thru, so we are going to pay for your laundry today and we are going to encourage you to go out and pay it forward as well."

"Is there a way that you can pay it forward?" "I do that all the time at McDonalds, pay for the person that is behind me," says customer  Bob Bradford.
"Well we are going to pay for your dry cleaning today and we are going to ask you to pay it forward on your way down there anything you can do."
"Where would you like me to put your dry cleaning?  I know you said you don't want to be in a commercial but we aren't here to sell something, we are here to get you to help others.

"How can you help that?" "You know I can see someone that needs something or do something and take care of it," Wilkinson says.

This weekend, its suppose to be nice so get out there and pay it forward.

Lloyds does their own way of paying it forward. They sell laundry bags for $5  and every time you bring in your clothes, they'll donate 10 percent of that to that charity.

As always, we are encouraging you to go out there and pay it forward, no matter what you can do every little bit helps.

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