Pay it Forward for 4th of July

By Brett Martin |

Published 07/04 2014 09:38AM

Updated 07/04 2014 09:42AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Millions of us include a backyard barbeque as part of our 4th of July celebrations.  We thought we'd Pay it Forward for the holiday, and help pick up some of the cost of that cook out.

KOLR10's Brett Martin went to Harter House, armed with gift cards, to surprise people at the cash register.    

Brett Martin, KOLR10: "What's on the grocery list today? You have a list right here charcoal, meat anything like that? Whats your plans for the 4th?"

Terry Ward, Ash Grove, MO: "Just family kids are coming over we are going to have a good time."

Brett: "We're paying it forward with it being the holiday and there is $10 on this to help with you guys cost for the groceries today. We know it can get a little expensive so we'll just encourage you to pay it forward somehow."

Brett Martin, KOLR10: "If I were to ask you of a way that you can pay it forward this weekend."
Terry Ward:  "You know, I just took a friend and his son out for breakfast so I paid forward already."

Brett: "How expensive does it get to feed people?"
Todd Parnell, Springfield:  "Well when you get a large family like mine it's fun. I won't call it expensive, it's fun."

Brett: "Getting ready for the Fourth of July? What's on the menu this year?"
Judy Shaefer, Springfield:  "We're going to have fillets."

Bill Brown, Springfield:  "What we are doing this year is burger and brats so that's other better than some other options.
Judy Shaefer, Springfield:  "This is my grandson's 18th birthday so we are celebrating."

Brett:  "Well if I would ask you how you can pay for this weekend can you think of any ways?"
Todd Parnell:  "I can remember the contributions that my parents made during World War II both of them served, one in the Red Cross and one in the Navy and make sure that my kids and my grandkids are aware of that."

Bill Brown, Springfield: "This year, we've got friends coming over, cooking out and watching fireworks from the balcony."
Brett: "I'm going to pay it forward to you with $10 to help cover the cost of the meat and I would usually say go pay it forward but you've already done it."

Brett: "Is there a way you could pay for this weekend?"
Judy Shaefer:  "I'm sure there is."

Brett:  "Well we are giving away $10 to help cover your cost and We are going to encourage you to go out and pay it forward somehow."
Judy Shaefer: "Thank you very much."
Bill Brown: "Okay well given the spirit in which was given to me just give it to somebody."
Judy Shaefer:  "Thanks!"

We hope you are able to Pay it Forward in some way, to help celebrate American's independence!

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