Inside the Ohio Factory That Makes the Super Bowl Ball

By CNN News Wire

Published 01/24 2014 08:02AM

Updated 01/24 2014 08:06AM

ADA, Ohio -- For one woman in Ohio, the Super Bowl is not just a game, but a source of pride.
That's because for 48 years she's created the ball the players will pass, carry and spike.
The hum of the sewing machine at the Wilson Football factory is one Jane Helser knows all too well.

"The same sewing machine, I've sewed on every since I've been on this job."

A job where she'll celebrate 48 years this April. The last two decades Jane and the Super Bowl football line go hand in hand...

"Everybody knows about the Super Bowl and us, myself and Sherri the other girl that sews. We're the only two that sews the NFL football. On a weekly basis if I tune it to watch the game just I think I see that football sitting there on the tee,I've touched that football. You can hardly believe you've done it.

"Especially for the Super Bowl. It's an honor and a privilege. I'm glad that Wilson is here in my home town that I could get this job and be a part of something as big as it is."

When you have someone who's put together balls for almost 50 years, the pride, the craftsmanship, the hard work of piecing together the pigskin… all of that trickles down to everyone else in the work force.

"When the younger employees come in and they see someone as committed as Jane and some of our senior employees, that rubs off on 'em. They pick up that pride," says Dan Riegle, the plant manager.

The NFL cannot play its game without northern Ohio.  The league started almost one hundred years ago in northeast Ohio and northwest Ohio is still right there to start every game including the Super Bowl.

"It's an American game, the football should be made here in the united states and what better place than Ada, Ohio!" says Jane.

(Steve Slivka for CNN)

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