Frozen Water Pipe Turns Up Lost Family Treasure

By CNN News Wire

Published 01/10 2014 05:11AM

Updated 01/10 2014 07:20AM

WILLOWBROOK, Ill -- A good story coming out of the cold blast that hit chicago this past week.  One family, trying to protect their pipes, also ended up solving an emotional mystery a native Chicago family has been trying to figure out for years.

"We realized that our upstairs seat wasn't' working and we knew the pipe ran along the back of the house. so we panicked because we're not originally from chicago and we really don't have a lot of experience

Tara Catogge and her husband, Ian Comes, of Willowbrook were facing the same problem many people have this week: Frozen pipes.   But their outcome is very different.

"It was just in the trap, we just undid it and it was completely disgusting and it just fell out," Catogge says.  "I'm amazed it was there."

They found a diamond and sapphire wedding band and it wasn't 15 it was a very sad 5 years.

We now know this ring has been separated from its owner.

"It looked old and important to somebody so that's when we started the search."

After a diligent polishing tara began investigating, tracked down the previous homeowners, now living in Colorado, and discovered this has been very sadly missed.

"I asked him if Louise ever lost a diamond ring, he said "oh my God, yes" he said she did and I asked if it has sapphires, he just kept gasping almost."

Louise and Randy Hearne had searched for the ring for years, assuming it was lost at a family gathering.  They  are ecstatic it has finally been found.

"I mean these things happen in the movies, it's almost a cliché' that you find a ring in the drain in the bathroom.  We have nothing but the fondest feelings about this horrible icestorm , it's a happy new year indeed."

The ring is on its way to back to Louis and will be on her finger in time for their 40th anniversary.

(Amy Rutledge, WGN for CNN)

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