FedEx Gears Up for Monday's Shipping Crush

By KOLR10 News

Published 12/16 2013 06:30AM

Updated 12/16 2013 07:30AM

MEMPHIS, Tenn. --  Christmas is next Wednesday. That means time is running out for you to ship your holiday gifts.

Folks at FedEx are expecting a huge surge in business, but chances are it may not top Cyber Monday, which turned out to be the busiest day in the 40-year history of the company.

FedEx's world headquarters is based in Memphis, Tennessee.
Jamie McGriff joins us live at a sorting facility just outside of Memphis for a behind-the-scenes look at how they manage all those packages.

On a typical day, FedEx handles more than 10-million packages.  "That's normally what goes through our global network," says Bonny Harrison, spokesperson for FedEx.

But starting today and through this week leading up to Christmas, it will be anything but typical.
"For example on December 2nd which was our busiest day in the 40-year history of FedEx, we moved 22-million packages through or global network in one day, says Harrison.  "We hire 20,000 additional seasonal workers on top of the staff that we already have in place."

This is the secured nerve center for the company's world headquarters, based in Memphis, Tennessee, where each package is tracked.

Memphis is ground zero for shipping....and is home to one of the busiest cargo hubs in the world.

 Every hour, half-a-million packages are sorted by employees.

"Who have the capabilities, the training, the know how to be able to make that happen."

30,000 of FedEx's 300,000 employees work in Memphis.

Some of them take to the deliver packages across the world.

"FedEx is a backup to Santa's sleigh for sure. Sometimes Santa wears purple and we're proud of that."

Speaking of taking to the skies, a FedEx spokesperson says year round, on average, a FedEx plane takes off from Memphis International airport every 90 seconds.

(Jamie McGriff for KOLR10, Memphis)

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