Dog Treat Business Gets Chance At A Super Bowl Ad

By CNN News Wire

Published 01/22 2014 07:28AM

Updated 01/22 2014 08:03AM

DURHAM, N.C. -- A North Carolina man's idea for dog treats has earned him the chance to feature his business in an ad that will air during the Super Bowl.

You're looking at it, the entire staff of Barley Labs, Theresa, Scott, And Barley. 

Barley is a lab mix and VP of quality control. 

The product?  All-natural dog treats. 

The inspiration?

"I think it's pretty straightforward.  We love beer, we love dogs. I think a lot of people love beer and dogs," says  Scott Beaudry, co-founder of Barley Labs.

Scott Beaudray is a home-based beer brewer. 

He and girlfriend Theresa Chu had a eureka moment in 2012.

Instead of tossing out the spent barley grains from brewing, give them to the dogs. 

Just mix in some whole wheat flower and eggs, flavor it with pumpkin puree or peanut butter.

"It's a simple, all-natural product that I think people can really get behind feeding their dogs. Their little fur children deserve good treats."

There is a healthy market, but this trio can never afford to trumpet their treats during the superbowl. Then came the door knock.

"Oh my God!!"

"Literally a wall of people showed up at our house, and..."

"Knock, knock."

"And let us know that we were in!"

"What was that like when this wall of people came to your house?"

"It was like the Publisher's Clearinghouse."

Barley labs was among the four small business finalists for a 30-second spot in the big game. 

Intuit, an accounting software provider, hosted the contest and drew some 15,000 entrants.  The public and intuit employees voted and whittled the field down.

"It's exciting, I think it's overwhelming."

You're going to need a bigger base, what with all this exposure.  And that's their goal, to build their own facility in Durham.  We hoped they'd throw us a bone and tell us about the ads.

"Um, we can't really talk about the ads themselves, but what we can say is you know they will be produced by a professional advertising agency."

It's an opportunity any business would drool over.

(Brian Mims, WRAL for CNN)

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