Bird-Mounted Camera Shows Falcon Hunting Prey

Published 01/22 2014 08:15AM

Updated 01/22 2014 08:17AM

BELGIUM -- State-of-the-art bird-mounted cameras have unlocked secrets of how falcons hunt their prey.

Footage filmed from cameras on the birds' backs and heads has emerged after being used in a scientific study into the physics of falcons' flight while hunting.

The footage shows the birds flying at high speeds towards crows as they try to grab them out of the air.
The videos revealed to scientists that the birds use a kind of 'motion camouflaging' as they zigzag their flight paths when pursuing prey.

The birds also use their wide field of vision to keep their eyes firmly fixed on their prey while it moves in the air.
These discoveries were made by a haverford college professor.

She wanted to study the physics of bird flight so she reached out on social media for someone who could mount a small camera to a bird of prey.
She got the idea after seeing a documentary about birds of prey where cameras like this one were used.

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