4 Year old Comes to Grip with Older Age

By CNN News Wire

Published 03/31 2014 09:25AM

Updated 03/31 2014 09:57AM

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. --  Old age is a reality everyone has to accept, right?  Try telling that to a kentucky four-year-old who apparently thinks her best years are behind her.
Video of Paislee Harper throwing a fit on the eve of her fourth birthday has become a viral sensation.

Mom: "Today is your last day ever being three years old."
Paislee:  "I'm going to be four, and I'm very shy, it means I'm growing up because I already have little earrings in and that does not make a point."

Another year older means another year wiser.  And it seems Paislee may already understand the natural fear of growing older as she reminisces on her younger years.
Mom: "What was your favorite part about Disney World?"
Paislee:  "My favorite part was being three."

Mom:  "Why are you crying?"
Paislee:  "Because I don't want to turn four!!"

Andrea Harper, Paislee and Hudsen's mom says she expected Paislee to be excited to turn four years old.
"I was planning on sitting down and interviewing them and asking them about their favorite moments of being three, they favorite color, things like that. The interview kind of took its own turn."

After March 25th came and went,  Paislee realized her birthday wasn't so bad after all... and she has her own reaction to the viral video.
"I watched it on the video and it was funny when I was screaming because the sound of it was hilarious!"

Andrea Harper says she is used to high emotion in her family's home.
"My sissy is a drama queen," says Hudson.
Mom:  "Who is the boss, Hudsen or Paislee?"

After this video went viral ... viewers commented about Paislee's emotional meltdown.
"Especially being a mom to a little girl, you know how dramatic little girls can be," Andrea says.  "I tried not to make her think I was laughing at her. You can tell in the video she wasn't upset with me, she was upset with her brother."

"I'm not scared to be five, I'm not scared to be four, I just want to be three, because three is fun!" says Paislee.

(Kayla Vanover for CNN)

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