More Being Learned About Ft. Hood Shooter

By CBS News

Published 04/04 2014 08:06AM

Updated 04/04 2014 08:10AM

KILLEEN, Texas -- We are learning more about the Army specialist who killed three fellow soldiers and injured more than dozen during a shooting spree at Fort Hood Wednesday before he killed himself.  Ivan Lopez apparently exchanged words with another soldier just before the shooting.

Military officials say 34 year old Ivan Lopez - an Iraq War veteran, husband, and father to a 2- year old girl - might have been involved in some kind of argument just before opening fire on his military base in Ft. Hood, Texas.

"There may have been a verbal altercation with another solider or soldiers and there is a strong possibility that may have immediately proceeded the shooting," said Lt. General Mark Milley, the commander  of Fort Hood.

But investigators say they don't believe Lopez was targeting specific soldiers when he shot and killed 3 people and wounded 16 others.

His neighbor, Shanice Banks, says she saw Lopez just hours before the shooting. "He looked fine, didn't look anxious. There was no signs it could have been him that's why it was so mind boggling."

Army officials here at Ft. Hood believe lopez's mental state may have been played a role. They say he was taking medication for anxiety and depression and just last month saw a psychiatrist here on the base.

Lopez served as an Army truck driver in iraq for 4 months in 2011, but never saw combat. He later complained of traumatic injury, but one was never medically confirmed.  Federal officials say he purchased his gun at the same store where Major Nidal Hassan bought the weapon he used in a 2009 rampage here that killed 13.

(Bigad Shaban, CBS News)

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