Mom Creates App That Brick's Child's Phone If They Don't Call Back

Published 08/22 2014 08:28PM

Updated 08/22 2014 08:35PM

Item: “Ignore No More” is an app—made by a mom, for a mom—that allows parents to remotely lock their children’s phones until they either a) call their parents and get the password or b) get frustrated and resentful and hurl their phone down the stairs out of sheer spite. Seriously, though, it really does seem like a great tool for parents to use as needed, particularly when they may just be checking on their safety.

Why it Matters: Gen C (the Connected Generation) lives on their phones—they’ve never known anything else. They have been raised in a “self-aware” digital environment that is both safe and risky. They know there can be consequences of not responding to their parents, or of using SnapChat or texting with strangers, but they don’t always understand that their safety is at stake. Parents are finding the need to develop digital resources to help them “teach remotely,” so to speak, when their children forget that a phone is a tool and a privilege, not a necessarily a given.

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