Mom Charged with Murder Appears in Court

GAINESVILLE, Mo.-- A week after being charged with the murder of her daughter, Rebecca Ruud of Theodosia made her first appearance in court Monday afternoon.

You may remember back in late July when Ruud's daughter, Savannah Leckie, was reported missing. Savannah's remains were later discovered, burned multiple times on Ruud's property.

While reporters did hear from Ruud Monday, what they heard wasn't much.

When she did speak, it was to the judge, who set Ruud's next court appearance (her preliminary hearing) for October 5th and 6th.

Ruud was the most vocal however about her bank accounts.

Toward the end of the arraignment, she asked the judge why her bank accounts had been frozen.

When the judge said she didn't know the answer to that, Ruud followed up by requesting her asthma medication be released from the evidence collection so she could take it while in custody.

Ruud is being held now on five charges:

First-degree Murder
Second-degree murder
Child abuse resulting in the death of a child
Tampering with evidence
Abandonment of a corpse

Ruud is being held on these charges without bond.

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