Missouri's 7th District Candidates: Energy Policy

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Republican Congressman Billy Long is trying to keep his seat in Missouri's 7th District House race. Both he and his Democratic challenger Jim Evans talked to KOLR10/KOZL News about their energy ideas.

Evans spoke about green energy and how to avoid a case like Solyndra:

"We have to have a truly all-of-the-above approach. [We need to] look at conservation, where we look at efficiency improvements..."

I'm interested in solar energy because I have solar collectors on my house. There is a big push right now for some new kinds of grasses like miscanthus, that we can grow biofuels that do not take away from food production."

"And in the case of Solyndra what we found out was, it wasn't a product that people were not ready for or could not compete in the market. What we need to do is look at the market-side stimulation of the economy..."

Evans is talking about tax incentives and rebates there.

The incumbent, Republican Congressman Billy Long, talked about oil reserves, new technology and his energy approach:

"I'm for an all-of-the-above energy policy and the president has gone after green energy, and that's fine, but when it's not commercially feasible for other people to do green energy, and we're loaning money to people like Solyndra, people who lose billions and billions and billions of taxpayer dollars, it makes no sense whatsoever...."

"[The way we secure oil is with the] Keystone pipeline number one, we can get oil from Canada that way, but as far as our own natural resources, well, there's new oil shale development up in North Dakota. Their unemployment is below three percent in North Dakota. I think it's one point some percent right now. We have the new technology. Four or five years ago I couldn't have sat here and said that we have more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, but today, we know that's true. But yet, we have people that don't want to go after it because of environmental concerns..."

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