Missouri State Chorale to Sing at Trump Inauguration

By Brennon Gurley | bgurley@kolr10.com

Published 01/11 2017 04:39AM

Updated 01/19 2017 07:47AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- When the 45th President of the United States is sworn in, the Ozarks will be represented at the inauguration.

Missouri State University's Chorale has been invited to perform front and center at the Presidential Inauguration ceremony in Washington D.C.  The group will sing just prior to Mike Pence taking the oath as Vice President.

In nine days, the 50 Chorale members will be singing in front of millions of people. Students say It's a dream come true.

"I was like, 'is this real? What's going on?' But ever since then it's just been estatic about it all."   Chandler Cooper is a Missouri State University Chorale performer that will be performing at the Presidential Inauguration.

"I just really hope that in some capacity people are able to take a hold of the message of what we're singing and take that to heart," Cooper says.

The student ensemble will perform an original song titled "Now We Belong". Students hope this song will grab people's attention and communicate a message of togetherness. 

Ruthie Carter is a Missouri State University Senior and tells KOLR10," I think our chorale's focus mostly for this event is exactly what the last two words of this song is;to feed love."

Dr. Cameron Labarr is the Director of the Chorale and says this type of exposure is great for his students.

"Performing at any large event like this is a huge opportunity for our students. It's a great chance to perform for a wide audience from all parts of the world," explains Labarr.

In October, before the outcome of the election was known, the MSU Chorale accepted an invitation from Missouri Senator Roy Blunt to perform at the 2017 U.S. Presidential Inauguration.  Official Inaugural program

"This really for all performers is a chance to celebrate the presidency. This is a chance for us to come together as a nation and to be apart of the peaceful transition of powers."

With November's presidential election being so partisan, Labarr feels MSU's role in the ceremony is nonpartisan.  "We knew regardless of the outcome we would be the choir to be singing there."

"We're all in this together and it's a big deal.It's far beyond any political affiliation."

Eric Swanson is a senior MSU Chorale performer and looks forward to the overall experience.

"You never know what you're going to learn through an experience as big as this. You always find surprises and I think all of us are going to come back with something that we didn't expect to find out," says Swanson.

If you are wanting to watch the MSU Chorale perform before it leaves town, you are invited to attend a concert this Saturday at 6 p.m. at MSU's Welcome Center.

There will also be a watch party for the inauguration on Friday, January 20 at 10:30 a.m. at  MSU's Plaster Student Union.

The inaugural ceremony begins at 9:30 am, Eastern time.  Donald Trump will be sworn in at noon at the U.S. Capitol Building, by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. 

The Inaugural Parade starts at the steps of the Capitol Building and moves along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House.


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