Missouri Sends Linemen to Help With Hurricane-Damaged Georgia

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- After weeks of reported losses in Florida and Georgia, due to Hurricane Irma, it seems some good news is becoming available, by way of the show me state.

26 crews comprised of nearly 130 power line workers; all from the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives. Now those crews have made their way south in an effort to lend a hand to local power companies like Flint Energies in Warner Robbins Georgia.

"We had 30,000 people out, now it's down to 10,000. With the help of 5 Missouri Coops, I'm sure we're going to knock it out pretty quick,” says Flint Energies COO, Ty Diamond.

"They serve an air force base in Fort Benning, Georgia. They've got a lot of rural people," says Jim McCarty with AMEC.

According to these Missouri linemen, there is still a lot to be done in Georgia.

"They said they had winds around sixty miles an hour and it broke down these big pine trees. Broke down branches, took down whole trees," says Lebanon lineman, Larry Taylor.

Though they also say, it already looks like progress is within reach.

"Where these guys from Laclede are, when they turn that power on they'll get a hundred people on is what they're thinking," says McCarty.

So close, in fact, some are already planning to head into Florida once the Peach State is cleared.

"I'll just wait for them to tell me where we're going. Call the wife and tell her I'll be gone a few more days. Then head south," says Taylor.

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