Missouri Senate Adopts Proposal to Impose Term Limits on U.S. Congress

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.-- The Missouri Senate has passed a resolution which would call for term limits on U.S. Congressional members.

Article 5 of the Constitution provides a pathway for it to be amended through a convention of states.  Two-thirds of the states would have to pass a resolution for the gathering to take place.

The proposal approved by the State Senate specifically calls for a convention to set term limits on Congress.  Some Article 5 resolutions in other states have more far-reaching goals, such as balancing the national debt.

Two-thirds of the states (38) would have approved any Constitutional Amendment offered by a convention of states for it to become law.

The resolution from Republican Denny Hoskins of Warrensburg passed the Senate by a 22-9 margin with no particular party divide as no votes were spread among five Democrats and four GOP members.  It now heads to the House.

The proposal does not specify the number of terms under which Congress members would be limited.

Hoskins proposal reflects priorities of the group Term Limits, an organization that’s true to its name, is focused on restricting the amount of time U.S. Senators and Congress members can spend in office.

Two other groups are actively seeking approval from states to assemble for the purpose of amending the Constitution.

Convention of States (COS) has three priorities.  It wants to restrain federal spending, reduce the jurisdictional reach of Congress and impose term limits on many federal seat holders, including Supreme Court justices.

The organization Americans for a Balanced Budget Amendment (ABBA) hopes to bring together a convention of states to pass a balanced budget amendment.

Efforts to call for a convention of states have picked up steam in Republican-leaning states in recent years.

Missouri became the 12th COS member last year when a resolution from Republican Senator Mike Kehoe of Jefferson City successfully passed both chambers.

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