Missouri Legislative Session Ends Without Medicaid Expansion

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The Missouri legislative session is over.

Lawmakers wrapped up Friday evening, without passing one of Gov. Jay Nixon's priorities: Medicaid expansion.

Dwight Mosby owns a sunglasses store called Dee's Shades. He has his shop set up along Glenstone.

Mosby says he can't afford insurance. However, he would fall within the income guidelines for Medicaid under an expansion.

We asked him what he'd do if he got sick?

"I'd probably just be taking a lot of Tylenol," Mosby says.

What if he broke his leg?

"Putting it on ice and be resting at home," says Mosby. "I really haven't thought that far."

Economic Development Bill a Major Failure on Legislature's Last Day

Without Medicaid expansion, hospitals also stand to lose money under the health care law, that may have been offset by more Medicaid enrollees.

"Talking about backing down some of the Medicare reimbursements," Gov. Nixon, D-Missouri, says. "When you talk about not bringing in $2 billion into the health care economy of the state. I mean, and yet the people have to pay the taxes?"

Transportation Sales Tax Dies in Missouri Senate

"I think [members of the Missouri General Assembly] want to make sure that "A" we know what the cost is going to be and "B" knowing what the federal government's real commitment level is," says Sen. Bob Dixon, R-Springfield.

Sen. Dixon of Springfield says he wants to have another conversation.

"Before we have a discussion about expansion we're going to have to have a discussion about reform," Dixon says.

Gov. Nixon's office says the governor could call a special session. However, the general assembly would first have to build more consensus over Medicaid expansion.

WEB EXTRA: Interview with Health Economist on Medicaid Expansion

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