Mercedes-Benz Introduces the Small Arms and Grenade Proof S-Class

Published 08/08 2014 07:52PM

Updated 08/08 2014 08:00PM

Item: Sporting a fairly straightforward name, the S-Class Guard features a thicker, shatter-resistant windshield, a 1.9-inch thick steel plate enclosure for the passenger space, and armor. That way when you’re out on your way to work and a battle erupts around you, you can still get there with plenty of time to regale your co-workers with your harrowing tale of survival.

Why it Matters: If you turn on the news, it looks as if the world is in chaos. Some people are so paranoid they’re learning how to survive without leaving their homes for extended periods of time in an effort to avoid being caught up in confrontation. As war and rebellion spread across the globe, people fear anywhere could be next—and that means their home, possessions, and personal well being may be at risk. As this fear continues to grow, companies have begun to respond with protective versions of products already in existence.

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