Melissa McCarthy Starts Her Own Clothing Line

Published 06/06 2014 08:11PM

Updated 06/13 2014 07:32AM

As pressure to conform to the preconceived notion of how a woman should look eases, and we embrace actresses and models that are more like real people—more like us, customers from all ends of the spectrum are realizing that if they want classy, comfortable clothing they will more than likely have to take it upon themselves. Actress Melissa McCarthy figured that out when not a single fashion designer she asked would create an Oscar dress for her. She realized that not only could she fill a void in her life for clothing and accessories, but also for women all over the world that struggle to find clothing outside of preconceived design notions.

The ideas behind new femininity and the re-embrace of the female form have created somewhat of a divide between consumers and product makers, as more and more potential customers are taking it upon themselves to simply create the clothing and styles that they want instead of waiting on a separate, commercial entity to figure out that they no longer wish to conform to what they consider standard sizing and body conformity.

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