Marionville Residents React to Shootings Near KC

Published 04/14 2014 08:02PM

Updated 04/14 2014 08:25PM

MARIONVILLE, Mo.-- Frazier Glenn Cross, also known as Glenn Miller may be best known in the Ozarks for his controversial political ads in 2010, but his reputation dates well beyond that in his hometown.

Cross has an Aurora address, but lives closer to the community of Marionville.  Many residents there say his alleged actions over the weekend don’t reflect the character of the small town.

"I've read some articles, I don't approve of him," says Marionville resident Joe Gold, referring to the racially charged pamphlets he says Cross used to distribute around town.  Gold says even though the articles haven’t circulated for some time, he still wasn’t surprised by the alleged actions of Cross in Kansas City.
"I think they ought to take his life.  He killed too many people," Gold said.

"He could be very opinionated, bigoted and racist about certain things, " says Marionville resident Richard Loban.  Loban says the news articles stopped, and Cross withdrew from the community after his son was killed in a shooting in 2008.

"We said we thought it could go either way," Loban says, "we said this was either going to start something, or it might just change his feeling a little bit."

Marionville Mayor Daniel Clevenger says he once called Cross his friend, and has known the man since the early 90s, having done automotive work for him.

"It's really not much of a surprise that he would do something like that, knowing how much hate was built up in him," Mayor Clevenger said.

Mayor Clevenger took office last Thursday, and says that the "hatred" harbored inside of Cross may stem from his time served in Vietnam.
"They pretty much force race relations on you," according to Clevenger.

Clevenger says he doesn’t condone the actions of his former friend, but says he does agree, in part, with some of the views Cross has.

"Just about these corporations that are ruing this country, pretty much destroying us," says Clevenger referring to part of the Jewish race.

"The industries that I talk about are run by Jews, that's nothing that he understands, because he doesn't believe any of that stuff.  But that probably might have been what cause him to do that," said Clevenger.

The mayor also said Cross had recently told him his health was suffering.

"And he wasn't expecting to live much longer," Clevenger said. 

"Maybe he thinks it was the end of his time, and he's going to go out with a bang.  I think he’s going to pay the price for it, you have to pursue the death penalty, maybe that’s what he wanted."

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