Maple Water Could Be the Next Coconut Water

Published 08/15 2014 09:42PM

Updated 08/15 2014 09:44PM

Item: Do you like the health benefits of coconut water, but worried about its process potentially creating harm in the environment, or the reports of exploitation of third world workers harvesting it? Then how about trying maple water? It’s essentially the naturally occurring, original form of maple syrup—meaning that it is sustainable and has virtually no carbon footprint. Whenever maple syrup is harvested from the tree, it’s actually watery and mild and full of nutrients and minerals.  The first company to bring it stateside is sourcing it from the vast stretches of maple trees found in New England—which remain untapped for maple syrup due to lack of demand.

Why it Matters: There's always a crowd looking for the next big thing when it comes health crazes, regardless how simple or complex they may be. Everyone is looking for a supplemental cheat sheet to improve well being, as long as there's no true effort involved. This new type of “supplement roaming” is spurred by consumers who are looking to anything and everything for a little boost of something good to go along with the bad.

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