Man with Hammer Attacks Two KC Women

Note: Video and images may be disturbing

KANSAS CITY, MO -- The search continues for a man who attacked two women with a hammer outside a Kansas City children's center.

The attack happened about 6 a.m. Tuesday outside St. Luke's Crittenton Children's Center located in the 10900 block of Elm Avenue as one of those women was just getting out of her car for work. The other woman tried to stop the attack.

While a hospital spokesperson says both women are in good condition with one being released from the hospital, police are still searching for the suspect.

One of the women spoke with KCTV in Kansas City.  Joyce did not want her last name used because her attacker has not been arrested.
And her injuries, we warn, are difficult to look at.

Joyce wants to be clear about one thing - she's cautious in the parking lot at work, but this man broke a window to get in, then waited…to attack.

She's a coder for St. Luke's and works out of an admin building at Crittendon.

It was 6am Tuesday when she heard a scream and saw her co-worker being attacked.
"He threw her to the floor and then he came right at me with a hammer."

Besides the black eyes and stitches on her face, she has staples in her head, from his second swing, right before he kicked her to the ground.
"My first instinct was to lay there and just play dead, but I thought, any minute, another blow is going to come to the back of my head and that would be it."

Just then another co-worker approached and this time the man ran, taking off with the keys to the first victim's car.

She's anxious to see the man caught soon, but she has other pressing matters before her. When all this happened yesterday, she had barely made it back to work from cancer surgery, battling breast cancer again - after 28 years cancer-free.

"If you have that will to survive, you have to fight the best you can."

Joyce told us that St. Luke's has offered to relocate the coding staff here to corporate headquarters, and she was glad to hear that.

She says work is important to her and she is eager to get back to it, but there is no way she could come back to where the attack happened.


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