REEDS SPRING, Mo.-- "I look at this board with absolute, total disgust,” began a nearly four minute video featuring a heated speech aimed at the Reeds Spring school board Wednesday.

"All of this has been done with tax money,” the man in the video says.

The primary focus of this man's frustration is the continued employment of Reeds Spring School District Superintendent Michael Mason.

About a month ago, this man was not alone.

He was one of many who spoke in favor of Mason's resignation, after a 2015 sexual harassment lawsuit centering on Mason's actions toward former School District employee came to light.

In March of 2017, the school district settled that lawsuit-- at the price of half a million dollars.

Though despite public concern, the board renewed Mason's contract, resulting in this continued backlash Wednesday.

"This board's actions have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from our children's education," the man says passionately.

About one minute into the video, given to KOLR10 through Facebook, the man is told to stop.

"Excuse me sir. You can't talk about staff. You can't talk about students or staff," a board member tells the man.  

When he doesn't, two stone county deputies escort the man from the podium.

"You're pathetic. You guys are pathetic," he says on his way out the door.

"He was removed because he violated what can and can't be talked about at a board meeting," says Reeds Spring School Board Vice President Al Morton.

Morton says the man at the podium was out of line.

"He told all the school board members that we shouldn't be school board members and that we're rotten people," he says.

Finally, Morton defended both the decision to remove the man.

"His topic was supposed to be board policy,” he says. “He never said anything about board policy."

Also, for the first time, a member of the district defended the decision to keep Michael Mason.

“We are elected by the people,” Morton says. “And they ask us to do what's best for the school and for the kids and that's what we try to do."

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