Little Rock Couple Beats Odds After Kidney Transplant

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- In Arkansas, family matters for one couple.
The wife of the Little Rock Airport director gives her husband the gift of life by donating her kidney, against dangerous odds.

Ron Mathieu started experiencing renal failure two years ago. His kidneys developed cysts that erupted and were destroying the organs.

Ron Mathieu's doctor finally told him he needed a transplant or he'd have to go on dialysis.

"My jaw dropped because I was still hoping well you know they'll just be a couple of pills, a little inconvenience but I'll be fine, everything will be fine ... Well, it wasn't," Ron Mathieu said. 

His wife Yasmine was matched as a potential donor.

The pair began the process of preparing for the surgery. But in March, they faced another obstacle. 

They got a rejection letter because of the anatomy of Yasmine's kidney.

"Yasmine was a bit unique because she has a multiple artery kidney."

The condition is rare -- and many institutions won't consider taking it on.

But on a whim - and a prayer - she sent an email to a doctor at the University of Maryland who specializes in complicated transplants and miraculously heard back. 

Not long after they flew from Little Rock to Baltimore for the surgery, and months later, both are doing well.

The Mathieus' say the best advice they have for anyone going through something like this is don't give up, don't stop fighting and do your research.

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