Lego Fans Favor Female Scientist Sets Over Adventure Time and Sherlock Sets

Published 06/06 2014 08:04PM

Updated 06/12 2014 08:54AM

We have seen the sweeping momentum building for products that show a younger generation of girls that they can do whatever they want—that they’re not simply constrained to lifestyles that evoke Barbies or Easy Bake Ovens. People are creating the products on their own, crowdfunding entire lines of toys and learning tools meant to offer young women a multitude of options outside of traditional—and outdated—thinking. So it’s no surprise that when Lego put their next wave of consumer created set designs up for a vote, the “Female Scientist Playset” won by a large margin, over sets that many people figured would be shoe-ins.

The consuming public has spoken: They’re tired of pink princess frills for their daughters. Women are no longer seen simply as the cookie cutter caregiver, something that many companies have been slow to realize. Creating new products that break that mold and do away with pre-conceived notions is one more way that companies are figuring out how they can be an avenue for interaction with their customers—and show them that they understand their changing needs and views and support the growing outcry for equality.

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