KKK Leader Reaction to Kansas City Shootings

By Grant Sloan | gsloan@kolr10.com

Published 04/16 2014 06:46PM

Updated 04/16 2014 07:33PM

ZINC, Ark. -- The Director of the Ku Klux Klan said Wednesday he knew Frazier Glenn Cross, but never considered him a friend.

Thomas Robb spoke to KOLR10 News about the shootings at Jewish centers near Kansas City, and about the suspect, Cross, also known as Frazier Glenn Miller.

Robb said while many people point to Cross' association with the KKK as a possible motive for the shootings, Robb said each person should be held accountable for their own actions.

Robb said, "Why is there this element, that really wants to associate everybody in the white nationalist movement with Glenn Miller (Cross)?  I always felt, as well as most people in the white Christian movement, is he was somebody you didn't want to associate with, something about him, didn't seen like he was balanced."

Robb said the connections being made by the media, and public, between Cross and the KKK organization are unwarranted, and part of a "white genocide push" to minimize his movement.

The Director also said the beliefs of Cross, who started a KKK chapter in North Carolina in the 80s, and Robb's, aren't anchored on the same set of values.

"I do love my heritage and my culture," the KKK leader said, "I don't hate black people, but I do love my people more (and) I am concerned the very real possibility of genocide."

Robb also had this to say when asked if his teachings could potentially spur someone to commit actions, like those Frazier Glenn Cross is accused of:

"No, (not if) a person has a foundation, " Robb said.

"What about all the people that commit horrible crimes that are not involved with any type of political movement?  Where do you put those teachings at?  Do you say, ‘well he goes to the First Baptist Church so he may be led to think Baptists are better?"

Robb said he also believes the shootings were race driven.

"Whatever the case is, he needs to rot in Hell, I have no sympathy for him at all," said Robb.

The Director also said he was just as surprised by the shootings near Kansas City as everyone else,

"I think the same thing went though my head, that went though everyone else's head, 'Why would he do such a dastardly thing,'" Robb went on to say.

"Because this guy supposedly has some beliefs that are shared with others, that we're all guilty, or perhaps potentially guilty of doing the same thing, and I find that appalling."

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