KC Royals Hot Dog Controversy Goes Back to Lower Court

Published 06/24 2014 06:23PM

Updated 06/24 2014 06:25PM

Kansas City Royals
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.-- A man hit in the eye with a hot dog thrown by the Royals mascot will have another chance to sue the team’s organization.

The state Supreme Court has voided the decision of a jury that put the blame for the injury on the man, John Coomer.  The Court says it should not have been left up to a jury to decide whether the risk of being injured by a thrown hot dog is inherent to watching a baseball game. It says that should be up to a court to decide.

The decision means the case could be retried.  Coomer was hit by a hot dog thrown by Sluggerrr at a game on September 8, 2009.  Coomer said he had to undergo surgery for a detached retina and a cataract and sued for damages, claiming negligence.

(Mike Lear,MissouriNet)

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