Kansas City Woman Leaves Unique Present for Would-Be Thieves

KANSAS CITY - A woman in Kansas City is using an unique way to fend off package thefts this season.

That's right, Anna Nedeau has created what she calls a “poo-box protest.

"I have two shoe boxes full of poo. Kind of fight back in a passive aggressive way," Anna Nedeau says. “I put the poo in a nice Christmas wrap with ribbons and a little card. I just want them to get so frustrated that all these boxes that they're picking up have poo in them."

Nedeau places these poo boxes disguised as presents near her home.

She says her creative crime stopping helps her take out frustration about crime while keeping her Christmas spirit.

Nedeau also has a message for the thieves. She says "I hope you like old lady panties and cat food cans because that's what you're going to get for Christmas!"


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