Kansas City Wants 2016 Republican National Convention

Published 06/05 2014 08:44PM

Updated 06/05 2014 08:53PM

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Key republican leaders are in Kansas City, trying to decide if the city is worthy to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Kansas City has the hotel space, and the transportation options needed to hold the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC), but can it pull off having to raise enough money to finance the big event?

The RNC settled on a $50 million goal.

“I think what we're seeing differently now, is certainly a greater emphasis on the guarantee of money,” says Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman. “Not just promises, and it's all going to work out, and we'll get it done. That doesn't cut it, but a guarantee of a certain amount of money in the bucket, that we can count on.”

The local organization Kansas City 2016 says that's not a problem. To date, private donations and in-kind contributions have reached up to $30 million.

This is the second trip for the RNC, and they apparently like what they see. But will it be enough to weed out the competition?

“Saw so many things that left us impressed, we wanted to bring the rest of the committee back, and give them an opportunity to see everything Kansas City has to offer,” says Enid Mickelsen, Site Selection Committee. “You have a beautiful city.”

In addition to Kansas City, the GOP is considering Cleveland, Denver and Dallas.

Republicans are expected to pick their convention city in August.

The last time Kansas City hosted a national political convention was in the summer of 1976.

(courtesy KCTV, Kansas City)

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