Kander Certifies Results of August Primary

By KOLR10 News

Published 08/25 2014 08:08PM

Updated 08/26 2014 11:03AM

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander certified the results of the August primary Monday.

That means the Right to Farm amendment barely passed.

Opponents also announced Monday they plan to request a recount.

The amendment passed by about 2,500 votes, out of nearly one million cast.

The organizations Missouri's Food for America, the Missouri Farmers Union and the Missouri Rural Crisis Center release the following statement Monday, calling for a recount:

JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri’s Food for America, the Missouri Farmers Union, and the Missouri Rural Crisis Center, the central opponents to Amendment 1, the deceptive “Right to Farm Amendment,” are officially calling for a recount of the August 5th primary election results. The Amendment narrowly passed by 2490 votes, out of nearly 1 million cast, a margin of .25%. 

Former Senator Wes Shoemyer, of Monroe County, the President of Missouri’s Food For America has been a vocal opponent of Amendment since it’s approval by the legislature. “We are talking about less than a quarter of percent of all votes cast" said Shoemyer. "With such a close margin, we owe it, not just to all the volunteers and organizations who put in countless hours fighting for Missouri's family farmers, but also to the 497,091 people who voted "no" on August 5th." 

"Right now, we are at a statistical tie.  Missouri voters deserve a fully transparent and accountable recount process that guarantees that every vote has been counted and that the integrity of the democratic process has been upheld," said Rhonda Perry, a farmer from Howard County and Program Director of the Missouri Rural Crisis Center.

"With the future of Missouri's farmland and rural economy at stake, we ought to be sure every vote was counted correctly," said Richard Oswald, President of the Missouri Farmers Union. "With such a close outcome, a change in just 1 or 2 votes per precinct could sway the outcome."

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