Brewer Science Expansion Has Positive Implications For Any Technology User

Published 07/03 2014 09:58PM

Updated 07/06 2014 11:59AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Groundbreaking technology is developed in Springfield at Brewer Science.  The Center is celebrating the completion of its largest expansion at Jordan Valley Innovation Center.

Work being done at Brewer Science may make new things possible for electronics we use every day -- like smart phones, computers, and televisions to name a few. 

"With the second floor addition we can now actually manufacture devices.  Before we could only make the material that required someone else to manufacture the devices," says Dr. Terry Brewer, President of Brewer Science.

The expansion also allows increased production of carbon-based-materials used in electronics. "Electronics traditionally is made on silicon, which is kind of like a metal crystalline.  It's hard, it's brittle.  Carbon electronics can be stretchable, lighter weight, wearable, transparent," says Dr. Brewer.  This mean phones and other electronics may soon be bendable.  

Using carbon-based electronics also means we may be able to go longer without charging electronic devices. "Longer battery life with more power," adds Dr. Brewer.

Using carbon-based electronics means technology can be more affordable, and computing time can be faster.  "We have totally changed the technology that is used to manufacture electronics.  So before our products came along, it was not possible to make them as small and as fast and as low cost as they are now," says Dr. Brewer.

"By being here and seeing it in real life, you can see that we're not talking about some day.  We're talking about something real, in the near future," explains Dr. Brewer.

These groundbreaking technologies could lead to greater possiblilites with personal health monitoring.  "Such things as being able to forecast asthma attacks before someone has one would be a godsend for someone with asthma," says U.S. Congressman Billy Long, a supporter of Brewer Science.

Brewer Sceince has been making successful contributions in the electronics industry for more than 30 years. It is headquartered in Rolla, Missouri, and serves customers world-wide in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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