Investigators Seek Public's Help Linking Missing Child to Found Remains

Published 03/04 2014 07:26PM

Updated 03/04 2014 07:32PM

PULASKI COUNTY, Mo. -- Can you help solve the mystery of what happened to a child whose bones were found in Pulaski County? Investigators say they need the public's help.

A child's skeletal remains were found last fall near Dixon in Pulaski County.

Though he is keeping some information close to the vest, the Pulaski County Sheriff believes they're dealing with a criminal investigation in this child's death.

Now, they've looking for missing child cases to match against DNA extracted from the skeletal remains.

The woods southwest of Highway 28 and Highway DD in Pulaski County hold a secret.

A local photographer helped unearth part of it in October 2013.

"She stepped into the woods and wanted to take a picture of a pretty tree," explains Pulaski County Sheriff Ron Long .

What she found belongs to a child between the ages of 8 and 13.

"She felt something, looked down and there were the remains," says Long.

The remains were part of a child's skeleton.

"We worked it like any other crime scene," says Long.

The Pulaski County Sheriff is one step closer to uncovering who the child was through an examination of the remains.

"Sent them to a facility down in Texas to examine them," says Long. "The ethnic background is Caucasian with Southwestern either Indian or Latino."

Another thing the anthropologist was trying to answer was just how much time these bones spent outside. How long have they been exposed to the elements? They say, at most, it's just 3 to 5 years.

How much of the child's skeleton was found will stay part of the investigation, for now.

"That only the suspect himself or herself would know," says Long.

But, the Sheriff knows someone has the answer to the secret of what happened to this child.

"Look in the past for 4 or 5 years," says Long. "Try to recall if there has been any missing individuals or maybe even
some families that have taken their children out of school at the last minute and they haven't seen them since." 

And though the remains were found in Pulaski County, that's not where this investigation stops.

"So the information here in Pulaski County has gone all across the nation," says Long. "Possibly match our remains up with a case they are working."

If you have information, call the Pulaski County Sheriff's office at 573-774-6196.

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