Inflated, Domed Concrete Housing

Published 08/01 2014 12:57PM

Updated 08/01 2014 12:58PM

Item: Everyone remembers what happens when you cover a balloon with papier-mâché and pop it, right? You’re left with a glue-soaked paper epitaph of the balloon. Architect Nicolo Bini took that concept and found that you can apply it to creating cheap (starting at $3,600!), easily produced housing by covering an industrial balloon with concrete and letting it harden, then deflating it and building within the convex space that is left.

Why it Matters: There’s a war against the McMansion; it’s being fought with modern design and the death of the open concept home. People are looking for ways to create expressive homes through themed rooms, unique architecture and nontraditional materials. From shipping container neighborhoods to underground stone dwellings, the modern expressive home doesn’t have to follow a floor plan-as long as it feels like it's a part of you.

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