Hypoallergenic Peanuts are Coming Soon

Published 06/20 2014 08:24PM

Updated 06/20 2014 08:27PM

Dr. Jianmei Yu has found a genetic modification-less way to create peanuts that would be safe for everyone to eat, using enzymes already used in food processing. The treated peanuts reportedly look and taste just like you’d expect roasted peanuts to taste. This could potentially lead to a break-through in exposure therapy—when doctors expose patients on purpose in order to build a tolerance over time—not to mention how it might help allergy suffers enjoy something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Consumers want the best of both worlds at every chance they can get it. Gluten free Pillsbury cookies, whole grain “healthy” Hamburger Helper, the list goes on and on. While there is a true allergenic need, there is also a health craze that follows this evolution of “good with the bad.” Consumers want to experience all aspects of dining, and those with allergens are looking for a way around the health risks.

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