How Hurricane Irma is Affecting Travelers in Missouri

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--For many, Florida has gone from a summer destination hot spot to a place to evacuate. 

So far flights to Florida leaving out of Springfield haven't been cancelled, but airport officials say that it's subject to change.

As Hurricane Irma rages through the Caribbean, here at home, vacationers are altering their plans because of it. Linda Overend at The Travel Group is rearranging itineraries for her customers.

"We've had people who have cancelled. We had a honeymoon couple that were going to St. Martin I believe in the first part of November and of course I doubt if it's going to be up and running," says Overend.

"We're seeing a lot of cancellations of the cruise lines for next week, says Carl Wade of Ozark Country Vacations and Cruises. 

From the water ways to the airways, Kent Boyd of the Springfield-Branson National Airport is predicting cancellations by this weekend when the hurricane is expected to hit Florida. 

"I think there will be a lot of folks affected here in Springfield. I think it surprises a lot of people to know that about 200 people a day come and go from Florida from this airport.," says Boyd.

Because of the unknown always posing a threat to travel, here's some advice from the experts.

"We always encourage travel insurance. This is a key time to realize that insurance does help you not just replace whatever you may lose on your vacation, but it also assists you with concierge services," says Wade.

"If you're planning on traveling to Florida in the next few days or even the next few weeks, keep track of what's going on. Don't just show up at the airport necessarily expecting your flight to be there. Think ahead, plan ahead, check ahead," says Boyd. 

Allegiant Air is the only airline that flies from Springfield to Florida.

Kent Boyd says that it's best to go on their website to check your flight status instead of calling as the phone lines will probably stay busy.

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