Hometown Heroes: Showing Support for Those Who Serve

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Memorial Day was Monday and it only seems fitting that this week we honor those veterans who sacrificed for this country.

Many stories they held remain untold. Generations come to honor, to learn.

"I think about the veterans passed and present and how they helped up then and now," says Anna Hall at the Springfield National Cemetery.

They are the country's heroes proud and strong, past and present. They serve to protect the land -- the people they love.

"I really think people should honor the people who died in the line of duty and be a little more supportive of the military today," adds veteran Tom Snow.

Current service members continue to sacrifice for our country for our way of life today.

"To be back with my family, my wife and two kids -- couldn't be happier," says Staff Sgt. Adam Sherwood.

There are countless numbers of families in Missouri and across the country waiting for their loved ones to come home. So many find ways to show their support for those men in women. It's that support that goes such a long way.

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