Hometown Hero: Walnut Grove Cancer Survivor is a Blessing to Her Community

WALNUT GROVE, Mo. -- Billye Killingsworth of Walnut Grove is one of those people you meet and instantly want to be around. She's a strong woman who always makes people have something to smile about.

Killingsworth is a six-year colon cancer survivor and just had her hip replaced last month, but nothing can slow her down.

Anytime someone in her church or in the community needs something, Billye is always there. We caught up with her while she was delivering meals on wheels in Walnut Grove.

"Oh I think she's a sweetheart," says friend Annie Hudnall. "I can't believe her at times how she does things and how she can get things done."

"Walnut Grove just means the world to me and my friends," says Billye. "I just love them all I have several of them here today and they support me in every way. If I'm sick, they are there. If I'm down, they are there, but I don't get down very much. I just stay up pretty much."

Billy is active at Harold Baptist Church in Walnut Grove. She always has a card to offer encouragement, thinking of you or to say happy birthday. Her friends will tell you Billye gives the best hugs and is constantly smiling.

"To know Billye is to love her," says friend Becky Mitchell. "If there's help that needs to be done, she's first in line. She's upbeat, smiles all the time. She's just an extraordinary person."

But Billye will turn the attention to her family friends and her faith. She believes that's what has gotten her through cancer and major hip surgery and her heart -- well, it's huge.

"Well, I have a lot of faith in our God and I trust in him for everything. He kept me up. He kept me through surgeries, and I have a lot of faith and trust in him and he's the one that keeps me up in the mountain -- of course, I get in the valley sometimes -- but he gets me back on the mountain again."

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