Hometown Hero Shows Helping Heart for the Homeless

By Melanie Chapman | mchapman@kolr10.com

Published 12/04 2013 08:07PM

Updated 12/04 2013 08:15PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A local woman is on a mission is to help the homeless. As the winter storm approaches, she is trying to reach out to as many people on the streets as possible.

Devery Mills doesn't waste anytime. She knows that many people are depending on her, especially now.

“I provide food and all of this for them particularly in the winter to keep theme alive,” says Mills. “And basically that's the goal is to keep them alive.”

Mills spends her days and nights collecting food, clothing, money and anything for those who don't have a home. She knows that desperate feeling.

“Many, many years ago, due to some poor decisions, I myself was homeless,” says Mills. “And the nuns at St. Johns found me and took me in.”

Mills went on to become a nurse. Today, she carries on that same compassion she once received.

Devery started a missionary program called Hearts for the Homeless. Her home and car are packed with items that could give someone comfort for the night.

“It’s just that they need a hand,” says Mills. “When you're on the street and your living in the woods underneath a tarp, it’s very difficult to even think about getting a job.”

Mills drives around the city looking for someone who needs supportive care.
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Scott Abbott says he's college educated and worked all his life, but lost his job in construction and become homeless this year. That's when Deverey appeared.

“She helped me find the shelter,” says Abbott. “Victory Mission got me in there, which is now putting a roof over my head.”

“I get them off the streets and help them with clothes,” says Mills. “Help get them to the Career Center, help them get bus passes and things that can help them function indecently with what they have. As they get back into society, they just utilized what they already know.”

Abbot is trying to find a job, a home but, in Devery, he found a friend.

“This city needs more people like her,” says Abbott. “She does everything out of her own pocket and donations which isn't' much. She definitely tries to help people. The city defiantly does need more people like her.”

Devery relies solely on donations. She also tries to get phones, hotel rooms, bus passes, and anything to help people get back on her feet.

To learn more about Hearts for the Homeless or make a donation, check out the Facebook page.

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