Hometown Hero: Dedicated Dad Links Diapers with Families in Need

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- After losing his job, an Ozarks man turned his hopelessness into a way to help others in the same position.

In the Rendall household, you'll find hats, diapers, and a surplus of baby supplies.

"We found that one of the hardest things to get were diapers," says David Rendall, founder of Jack's Nursery.

The family has just one child -- Jack -- and now his nursery is helping other babies across the Ozarks.

"We said to ourselves that when we get back on our feet, we want to give back to society and help babies that are in need."

But before Jack's Nursery became what it is today, the family didn't know when they would get the supplies they desperately needed.

"We almost had to beg to get someone to buy us a small box of diapers and they said it would be just a one time thing to help us out."

After an injury kept Rendall out of work, making ends meet meant asking for handouts -- a first for the hard-working dad. But in his desperation came a desire to help others in need.

"We decided that we would go ahead and form Jack's Nursery named after our son Jack and just make this as big as we can."

Jack's Nursery helps gather diapers and other supplies for organizations like the Lebanon Pregnancy Support Center.

"Every baby needs a dry diaper and so being able to help them in that time of their life is a great thing for us."

CEO Shaun Dickerson says financially stretched moms are faced with difficult decisions.

"They're having to make choices of what they're going to do with the limited finances that they do have."

But diaper donations like the ones from Jack's Nursery help them help moms in other areas.

"We're out to help babies," says Rendall. "That's life."

For David and his family, it's just a way of paying it forward -- from one family to another.

"The baby deserves a good start in life and I think that's a good beginning because every baby needs a diaper."

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