Hometown Hero: Camdenton Girl's Hats Comfort Kids With Cancer

CAMDENTON, Mo. -- What started as a simple birthday wish for a 10-year-old girl has grown to worldwide cause.

Kyla Kempter only wants hats for her birthday -- but not for her head.

"Ok this is one of my favorite hats," Kyla shows Shannon Miller. "It's my Michael Jackson hat."

Her tenth birthday isn't for another two weeks.

"I thought this one was really cute."

But she's already got into some of her birthday gifts.

"Mom said, 'Are you sure you really want to do this?' And I said yes."

"She just said, 'You think it'd be weird if I asked for hats for my birthday and I was like, 'No, if that's what you want,'" says Angel Smitherman, Kyla's mother.

Thing is, the hats aren't for Kyla's head.

"My Aunt Pappi, she died from breast cancer, so I thought I could do it for her," says Kyla.

The loss of her aunt to the deadly disease still lingers for Kyla, enough to make her want to trade her birthday wish list to comfort kids with cancer.

"They don't get the greatest birthday presents in the world like I do, so I think that maybe I should share my birthday with them."

And after starting a Facebook page, the boxes came busting in: hats from around the country.

"My friends and my family, they told their friends and family, and it just turned into way bigger than I ever even imagined," adds Smitherman.

And more people willing to make a birthday wish come true from around the world.

"We have people on Facebook who have messaged us from Alaska from New Mexico," says Smitherman.

"Have you lost count of all the hats?" asks Shannon. "Yes," Kyla says.

Keeping up with all of Kyla's hats for a cause keeps her family busy, but it's busy work she knows will bring her the best birthday yet.

"What do you think they'll do when you give them the hats?" asks Shannon.

"I think they'll be jumping up and down. They'll be so happy."

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