Hometown Hero: Behind the Handlebars

Published 09/12 2013 07:54PM

Updated 09/13 2013 01:40PM

HOUSTON, Mo. -- Kerry York is n nurse who combines her passion for riding motorcycles with caring for in-home patients.

York works for Home Health of the Ozarks.

"Compared to all other aspects of nursing, home health is the most unique and most challenging."

York said its also the most rewarding.
"Home health has allowed me not only to ride my bike to go and see these great patients, but it's allowed me to go and enter into a relationship with the patients."
The Director of Home Health of the Ozarks, Ashley Sullins, says York adds something unique to the staff and to the patients.

"We have patients that suffer from depression and so this is something that can bring them a lot of joy to their life. Something they would look forward to every week."

One of York's elderly patients is always happy to see her. "If I'd be about 30 years younger I'd be out there riding with her."
York loves her job and her patients and his dedicated to her job.
"It is our friends and neighbors that we are taking care of and we have to remember. When I put a patient on home health and tell them their rights and responsibilities the big thing they say is you have the right to be treated like family and that is what all of us want."

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