Heavy Rain Causes Flooding in West Plains

WEST PLAINS, Mo. -- Heavy rainfall Friday night and Saturday morning caused widespread flooding in Missouri.

Highway 63 and Route 17 in Texas County were shut down just before 11 am on Saturday due to flooding.

The rainfall has caused water to stand on Broadway near Missouri Ave., and sections of 1st Street are impassible. Minnesota is also flooded around 3rd Street.

Emergency service personnel are asking residents to stay at home and do not travel unless it is unsafe to stay where you are currently at.

Remember – not all flooded roads will have closure signs. The Missouri Department of Transportation cautions all travelers to never drive through water on the roadway. Turn around and find an alternate route. Remember the slogan, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.”

Flash flooding is particularly dangerous at night or the early morning hours when motorists often cannot see they’re driving into floodwaters until it’s too late. Less than a foot of moving water is enough to push a vehicle.

Other flooded areas as of 2:30 pm Saturday include Route 142, Route U, Route UU, and Route RA in Howell County; Route U, Route M, and Route B in Texas County; Route 95, Route 181, Route H, and Route T in Ozark County; Route 76, Route EE, Route U, Route FF, and Route Y in Douglas County; Route KK, Route F, Route H, Route NN, and Route W in Shannon County; and Route AB, Route E, and Route Z in Wright County.

For more on area road conditions, visit the MoDOT traveler information map.

(Ozark Radio News)

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