With Winter Weather Comes The Possibility of Frostbite

Published 12/05 2013 08:21PM

Updated 12/05 2013 08:25PM

Springfield, Mo. -- Winter is here in the Ozarks and that means freezing temperatures and the possibility of frost bite

If you're going to be outside participating in winter activities like snow skiing, hunting, winter camping, or just basic other outdoor activities then be sure to prepare yourself for the cold weather and possible frostbite.

"We've seen some frostbite, the nose and cheeks mainly,” says Warming Shelter Executive Director Brad Vivoda.

Severe piercing pain, purple skin, blisters, and numbness are a few symptoms of frostbite.
The longer you’re exposed to the cold temps, the worse you're injuries could be.

The most common areas at risk are the hands, feet, nose, and ears, but you can protect yourself from frostbite.

Here’s how:

  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco when exposed to freezing cold weather, both can make damage more severe.

  • Wear protective clothing and layers that are loose and heat insulating.

  • Avoid tight fitting clothes and always stay hydrated.

In the case of frostbite, prevention is better than treatment. So understanding the dangers of cold weather and following these tips is the best ways to avoid serious complications.

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