Today's Top Medical Stories - June 4, 2014

By CBS News

Published 06/04 2014 06:04AM

Updated 06/04 2014 06:22AM

People are more likely to get sick from contaminated food at a restaurant than at home.   In a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers say infected food service workers frequently spread norovirus when they touch ready to eat food with bare hands.    Health experts say workers need to practice good hand hygiene and stay at home when they are sick.

Many older breast cancer patients are not getting treatment for heart problems which chemotherapy can trigger. A new study from Kaiser Permanente finds only about one third of patients saw a cardiologist  after developing heart failure. Researchers say it's important for cancer patients to know possible drug side effects.

And women who have less than 18 months between pregnancies are more likely to deliver before their due date.    Researchers in  Cincinnati also found that women who became pregnant less than 12 months after having a baby were at increased risk to deliver preterm babies, before 37 weeks of pregnancy.

(Alexis Christoforous, CBS News)

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